A radio station in Berlin wanted to highlight the issue of motorists parking in bike lanes by parking a bike in the middle of the road and the team from 104.6 RTL filmed the reactions of passers-by.

In what they called “The big cyclist experiment”, they used the same excuse as often used by motorists when confronted about the parked bike.

In an article about their experiment, they said: “Motorists park regularly in the middle of the bike path with the excuse that they just have to go to the bakery or ATM for a very short time but can not find a parking space. The bicycle lane seems to be a welcome alternative. They can put their hazard lights on and leave the car.

They left the bike on Uhlandstraße, a side street from the Kurfürstendamm with a sign saying “Just a quick bakery run”

The team from the radio station were confronted by various motorists, who they said were asking “What the hell is going on here?”.


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