During a trip to the first ever International Winter Cycling congress in Oulu, Finland, Canadian cyclist Anders Swanson was inspired to make a film about the city where people travel by bike even in the depths of winter.

Oulu is just 170 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. In January, the average temperature is -9.6 deg C and there are just 24 hours of daylight in the whole month. However, despite the subarctic climate, the locals still use the bike throughout the year.

This is how Swanson describes his film:

This is a film about a place and a people that embraces winter. Its about how to create a city where getting anywhere under your own power, “even in winter” is not just possible, but likely.

Its about breaking down the myths and biases that many people (reasonably) bring to the idea of winter cycling and helps makes the case that, with a little effort and vision, it can, in fact, be “for everyone”. More importantly, its meant to inspire us all by simply showing how beautiful and wonderful it can be when its winter cycling for everyone.

Winter Cycling For Everyone from Anders Swanson on Vimeo.


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