Cars parked illegally in bike lanes are a constant source of frustration and danger to cyclists and a few years ago, the Mayor of Vilnius in Lithuania had a novel way of highlighting the issue.

Arturas Zuokas decided to use an armoured personnel carrier to crush a car parked in a bike lane in the Lithuanian capital.

“What should the city do about illegally parked driver?” Zuokas asks in the video. “It seems a tanks is the best solution.”

After driving over and crushing the car, Zuokas then says: “That’s what will happen if you park your car illegally.”

Despite it clearly being a stunt, it brought attention to the issue as video footage of the crushing went viral and was shown on TV around the world.


  1. Can we organise a state visit for the Mayor of Vilnius to visit Dublin. Oh … and he must bring his tank with him too.
    There’s a particular stretch of road that he must visit (with his tank).

    • Hahahaha….I remember this Karl, it was a few years ago but quite funny. The street he did this on is equal to The Parade in Leamington. Right in middle of the city. You made me smile again with this one 🙂


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