This morning the boss of Ryanair was speaking at a conference in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin and responded to comments from Dublin City Council about enhancing cycling in Dublin city.

“That’s all we need in Dublin is more blooming bicycles,”Mr O’Leary told the Creative Minds conference this morning in the Aviva.

“In a country where it rains about 250 days a year, the way forward for Dublin is, more bicycles. Let’s just go back to walking all together. Soon we’ll be living in caves designed by Dublin City Council. Traffic won’t work, there’s nowhere to park the cars and yet this is a smarter way forward. We should take the cyclists out and shoot them.”

“We should create a city that works given that this is a low rise, broadly based city and I speak as one of the commuters who commutes on a daily basis from Mullingar. I can’t do it by bicycle… I want to drive and I expect Dublin City to come up with a smarter way for me to get around Dublin and be able to park my car somewhere in the middle of Dublin without it being dug up every six weeks so we can have some other faddy non sustainable public transport solution.”

“I hate to pick on Dublin City Council, but shit they’re here and they deserve a slapping.”


  1. Ryanair Board should fire him. He’s hardly an ambassador for the company. An entitled prick. From Wikipedia, “In 2004 he purchased a taxi plate for his Mercedes-Benz S-Class, to enable it to be classified as a taxi so that he could legally make use of Dublin’s bus lanes to speed up his car journeys around the city. A press report suggested that since he had stopped driving his own taxi, he has employed a driver with full PSV licence. In 2005 the Irish transport minister expressed concern at this abuse by O’Leary and others.” Entitlement is more like it. I will never fly Ryanair as a result of his comments and general asshole behavior.

  2. Hey…Mr o Leary…we cyclist are the same people who use your airline when travelling abroad to cycle or otherwise. ..worth bearing in mind..that we pay the wage that keeps the roof above your head….
    Life is not all about you and what you need….

  3. He is a PR company’s wet-dream. Just when you thought Ruanair was disappearing off the airwaves he finds a way to get us talking about him. Genius, pure genius.

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what he says as any publicity is good publicity. Although he doesn’t have a monopoly on flights there are few enough offering the variety and value that Ryanair does resulting in most of his seats being sold and his Company returning a good profit year on year. We need more airlines and more competition before he has to watch what he says in order not to offend customers.

    • Aye but it’s not like people are hanging on his words as if he’s Buddha.

      He’s a well known and disrespected moron. What he says is often the subject of ridicule. Ergo his infantile pantomime abuse of cyclists and cycling can only raise the public perception of both.

  4. He’s dead right, why the fuck would ya want to cycle through town in the pissin rain, if the traffic wasn’t so shit I bet a lot of you cunts whining on here would rather take the car✌

  5. Ah so he’s back to being a complete tool. In his defence his point was more about Dublin city’s lack of public transport and how the council is using cycling an alternative. Obviously they need both.

  6. His comments should be a good enough reason for those paying through the nose to take their expensive bikes abroad to book with a different airline. In fact all cyclists should boycott his company as a matter of principle. Let your feet do the talking, you are the customer after all. It’s the only language he’d understand.


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