Recently-retired Sven Nys is selling one of his cyclo-cross bikes to help raise money for a cancer charity, and rather than auctioning it, he has set the fixed price of €2,000.

The fluorescent yellow Trek with a 600 Series OCLV Carbon frame will go to the person who can convince Nys that they are the person who is most deserving of the bike.

“The asking price is fixed,” said Nys. “So everyone can participate, not just the highest bidder.”

You can see details and photos of the bike through the following link:

The conditions of bidding are that each person must email Sven Nys by May 1 and tell him why you deserve the bike. “I am very attached to my bike, so I want to make sure he gets to the right person,” says Nys.

His email address is:

The €2,000 proceeds from the sale of the bike will go to a cancer foundation – Stichting Tegen Kanker.


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