A video has appeared on Facebook in recent days which shows a cyclist being deliberately pushed off their bike. The cyclist wearing a hi-vis vest riding on a mountain bike was pushed into a ditch by one of the passengers in a car.

It is unclear from the video who pushed the cyclist or where the incident took place. The video was posted by somebody named Eoin Maughan who posted ‘This is the new challenge boys’ as a caption.

As the car approaches the cyclist, somebody can be heard saying “right boys this is the new challenge here,” before the cyclist is pushed into the ditch. It’s unclear if the cyclist was badly hurt, but will obviously have been shaken badly by the incident.

It was an absolutely disgusting incident which any right-minded individual will condemn. We’re hopeful that the perpetrators will be caught soon.


  1. Makes no difference if they are caught.. Happened locally here recently only for the fella had a helmet on he would’ve been killed.. Fella who done it was caught went to court got sentenced to 10 months and was home the next day… Absolute joke..


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