We posted an article yesterday about an incident at the inaugural Velothon Wales whereby numerous cyclists suffered punctures after tacks had been thrown across the road. It seems that a number of locals had been upset by roads being closed on the day.

15,000 riders had signed on to take part in Cardiff, but the event was marred by the incident. Unfortunately, it seems that it wasn’t just punctures that were caused by the tacks. One entrant took to Twitter after the event to post a photo of the injury that he had sustained. (GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW)

Dr. Gareth Enticott posted the below photo with the message ‘Hey @jasonmohammad wanna come and interview me about these injuries sustained in @VelothonWales after tacks on road.’

The message was directed at Jason Mohammad, a Welsh TV and radio broadcaster, but it was unclear as to what Mr. Mohammad may have said in relation to the event/incident. Mr. Enticott has since posted that he is recovering in hospital.

Tacks injury

Gwent Police are now investigating and a police spokesman said: “No complaints or reports of injury have been received, but anyone who believes they were injured as a result of items being deliberately placed on the road is asked to ring 101 so a statement can be taken.”



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