1. Van driver what a prick you were on the opposite side of the road you should have stayed behind the vehicle waiting to park & not cut up on coming traffic, he’s also driving in socks the twat

  2. Careless driving, no footwear, no Road sense, arrogant little shit, he brings race into the equation because he knows he is wrong. Report him, get him found and get him into court. Not least for leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured and property damaged. I bet he was on that phone too!

  3. If you look at the video at 2:15 the driver is NOT wearing anything on his feet other than socks.
    According to the Driving Standards Agency – the body that regulates the UK driving test – “suitable shoes are particularly important behind the wheel. We would not recommend driving barefoot because you don’t have the same braking force with bare feet as you do with shoes on.”

  4. Too many of these sub contractor wankers so many all full of shit fucking part time coke heads to the lot of them hats off for being calm that geezer is asking for a combo to the face especially with that kiddy hat on

  5. I would have stomped on his fukin head if he did that too me no lie. I swear to god see if the police to charge this slice of shit then this guy should go over and above their heads and file a law suit against this guy.

  6. Those cars had instigated their overtaking manoeuvres before the bike got there tbh. If I recall correctly in that situation, as they had begun their manoeuvre they had priority. Happy to be corrected. Does not apply to ‘moving traffic” obviously.

    If he wasn’t on a bike and in a car he’d have just stopped, I hope!

    • I agree with this, van was clearly already in the lane before on coming traffic, the cyclist should given way as any other road user would have done. The van is still a dick, drive way too fast and hit a cyclist and should have waited for the police. But the cyclist should have given way.

    • He was on wrong side of road, where he couldn’t see clearly what was coming. Totaly in the wrong. Once you cross the centre of the road you are in the wrong.

    • Keith Carr How was he on the wrong side of the road? How does one over take? It’s very hard to do it on your side of the road, you tend to crash into the car in front of you. Have you ever read the Highway Code, road safety and vehicle rules?

      I think you should. When you are committed to over taking a line of stationary vehicles, it’s up to the vehicle approaching to recognise this, and react accordingly. Do you not know that?

      But even if you don’t, why not take a moment out to admire my bike, that I upgraded today,

      Remember, we share the road.

      • Rule 162
        Before overtaking you should make sure the road is sufficiently clear ahead
        there is a suitable gap in front of the road user you plan to overtake.
        Rule 163
        not assume that you can simply follow a vehicle ahead which is overtaking; there may only be enough room for one vehicle
        Rule 167
        DO NOT overtake where you might come into conflict with other road users. For example
        when you would force another road user to swerve or slow down

        Seems pretty clear to me, having noted the highway Code, that the van driver should never have started his “overtake”. Road was not sufficiently clear & he did force another road user into evasive action.
        Ask yourself this…if it was a HGV, would you still make the same manoeuvre?

    • I have to agree with Keith on this one. You can’t overtake a vehicle unless there is no on coming traffic. Both vehicles that over took were too impatient to just wait while the car parallel parked. Even worse is the Van had no way of knowing if there was no on coming traffic as his view was obstructed by the car he was following. What if this cyclist was on a motorbike? Would we even be debating who is at fault? Yes, as a cyclist I trust no car and am always on the edge wondering what’s going to happen. Not because they all want to kill me but because accidents happen. Had the cyclist been a little more aware it could have been avoided but still the fault lies with the vehicle who over took when it was clearly unsafe to do so. Would love the opinion of a traffic officer.

  7. Video clearly shows street is for two way traffic. Look at other cars going in same direction as van. There is also a broken line in middle of road indicating overtaking is permitted. Still no reason for van to hit cyclist.

  8. The van driver was a twat, end of.
    However why didn’t self preservation kick in and the cyclist slow down?
    No amount of being in the right is going to make up for injury and damage!

    Stop and give him a gesture whilst shouting “wankpuffin”?

    • You can always have it put on your tombstone? “But I was in the right!”. Yeah not sure why the cyclist didn’t seem to take some action to prevent. Is it possible he didn’t see or notice the van behind the first car?


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