An insurance firm in the UK is offering cyclists discounts on their car insurance because they are considered to be “better car insurance risks than the average driver”.

The offer is from and is only available to members of cycling clubs. They state that they “think cycling on the road has made you a better driver.”

They’ve listed the following reasons as to why they class cyclists as being better drivers:


In town or in the countryside you’ll be more aware of how you fit into your surroundings and ride or drive accordingly.

Your experience on your bike means you’re more alert to the dangers of road use and better able to anticipate hazards.

Physical fitness means you value your body. It also suggests improved mental agility and that makes you a more responsive driver.

You’ve joined a cycling club to link with others and that suggests you’re sociable. Friendly, courteous road users are very welcome to insurers.

There’s more information available here:


  1. “To prove you are a cyclist, you must provide evidence such as club membership, a professional contract, or a letter to a newspaper or online comment starting ‘Now, I’m a cyclist, but….'”

    • That too, but balanced vehicle cornering, reading surfaces, and yes reading traffic is important. The key might be reading gaps between vehicles. Cycling definitely improves driving for a host of reasons.

    • You’ve only got to be buzzed a few times when you’re on the bike to inspire you to be more careful on the road. That’s what insurance risk is driven by. Careful vs uncaring.

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