A truck driver in Australia charged with using a mobile phone while driving, in addition to driving a motor vehicle to menace others with intent has pleaded not guilty to the charges according to 9News.

Justin Angus is alleged to have driven through a puddle in the Sydney Airport tunnel while passing a group of cyclists in August and soaking them, in addition to recording the alleged offence on his phone, said police.

Angus appeared in court today and has pleaded not guilty to the two charges. He is due to return to court on November 30.

In the footage of the incident from August of this year, the driver can be heard saying: “So we hate pushbikes. We’re not allowed to run them over. But hey, we can f*** with them.”

“Up ahead I see a little bit of water. So, now’s a good time to start the overtaking manoeuvre, I believe. So yeah, here we go,” he continued. “I think I might f*****g work this out f*****g perfectly.”

“Aw yeah”, the driver said after driving through the puddle and splashing the cyclists. “Nothing better than f*****g saturating a pushbike rider.”

The video of the incident was uploaded to Facebook and one of the cyclists was later shown the footage, before reporting the incident to the police. Angus was later charged with driving a motor vehicle to menace others with intent and with using a mobile phone while driving.


  1. Stupid enough to commit the dog act
    Stupid enough to film it
    Stupid enough to provide a running commentary
    Stupid enough to plead not guilty.

    I’ll look forward to hearing in November what punishment he gets.

  2. Omg we’ve moved to a new low… We’re now getting the police involved for someone splashing us with water….. sigh….
    btw I’m a cyclist myself. (Thumbnail) Sure it’s not nice perhaps starting your ride in wet gear…. but seriously I remember a time when something like this happened, we moaned we cried, no one died, we looked back and we laughed about it, but seriously, getting the police involved!!! Oh dear!!!

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