No it isn’t some elaborate April fool joke this does really exist. Rungu the people behind the bike describe it as “the first suspension bullfrog trike” and the perfect “platform for adventure” and offers “mobility and stability where a bike can’t go and a car won’t go”

We are undecided but weighing in at a hefty 53.8 lbs (24.4 kg) and with an even heftier price tag of US$ 3,300 + tax (plus shipping) this bike is really aimed at the person who already owns every other type of bike. To give the bike some credit it does come with a lot of mounting points so you can add a host of accessories and racks for carrying all sorts of objects including a surfboard.

Also available is the Juggernaut a rigid three wheel fatty version aimed more at the sand and snow user.


Still not convinced? Take a look at their promo video


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