Kris Boeckmans (Lotto-Soudal) recently posted a photo of himself back on the bike following his horrific crash in the Vuelta a Espana in September. It was his first ride since that crash which left him in a coma.

Following on from that 35-minute cycle, he tweeted the message “Such a nice indian summer. Happy to ride my bike again #firsttime #nevergiveup”

The Belgian rider has since increased the length of his cycles to two hours and Lotto-Soudal team doctor Servaas Bingé has provided an update on the recovery and rehabilitation of Kris.

Servaas Bingé: “We can be positive about the recovery of Kris, but we remain careful. Recent scans showed a very good neurological evolution. It takes time for a concussion to heal and we will need to keep monitoring it in the future. The concussion restricted him in the beginning of his rehabilitation, but Kris has less complaints now.”

“At this moment light and sound don’t bother him anymore and the pressure on his eyes has disappeared. His lungs were examined too. We can talk about a positive evolution as well, but the lungs haven’t completely healed yet. For example his lung capacity isn’t the same as before his crash.”

“The facial fractures, for which he underwent surgery a few weeks ago, are practically healed. Only the damaged skin and fat tissue still needs some time to heal. And Kris will get some dental corrections.”

“The rehabilitation of Kris is going well. The progress will now be slower though. In the beginning one often sees progress quickly, but the pace of progress reduces when the condition gets better.”

“Kris now exercises every day and says he’s less tired than four weeks ago when he only went three times a week to the Sport Medical Centre ‘Nottebohm Fitlab’ in Brecht. Kris has a huge drive. He trains and works hard, taking all tips into account. Of course he still has difficult moments, but Kris notices he is rewarded for his efforts and energy and that motivates him.”

Kris Boeckmans I


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