A group of Nepal National Team Mountain Bikers have grouped together to help raise funds for victims of the recent devastating Earthquake. They are working together with the Himalayan Single Track, an extreme mountain biking company that operates tours in Nepal.

Their immediate aim is to collect funds and supply needy areas with what they need to get back on their feet. These areas can often not be reached by cars and are not being helped at the moment by any Governmental organisation.

The team had been training in Chobar, near Kathmandu, when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit on April 25.

The group aim to make their way to these remote areas on their Mountain Bikes and if this is not physically possible, they will hike to the villages in need.

The team knows the local area well, and members know which tracks to take and they have been using bikes specially adapted to carry cargo, allowing them to deliver food and supplies.

You can donate to their fund here:




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