BikeCar is a pedal powered four-seat Vauxhall Corsa that has been converted into a bike and it’s currently for sale on EBay for £1,600.

The seller of the car/bike has provided details about it and explains that they have used various moped and motorcycle parts to provide the required strength including Honda CBR 125 shocks for the suspension.

The wheels are new heavyduty steel pit-bike wheels with Michelin tyres, it has 21 gears and comes with a bicycle computer.

Here is the full description of the Corsa:

This is a recently finished bike project made by myself. I have a history of making unusal bikes and cars, this is this years project, and now I offer it for sale to anyone who is into interesting, unusual stuff like this.

Photo: @scarlaton1
Photo: @scarlaton1

The idea behind the project was this: Make a 4 person pedal powered car, except instead of starting from scratch, fit all the cycling mechanicals into an existing car normal car, keeping elements of the original car such as the lights, electric windows, horn, doors, mirrors, etc. The car chosen was a Vauxhall Corsa, as they are small, light, and with the upright boot lid you have more space for the rear riders. The final thing to do that seemed obvious to me was to paint it bright green.

This was a long project that took a long time and evolved constantly throughout the process. I was originally thinking of using BMX wheels and brakes with MTB suspension, but the reality of that was they would not be strong enough. Instead the running gear for this bike is made from moped and motorcycle parts. I will detail all parts of the car below

• The floor of the car is removed and replaced with 9mm reinforced ply for safety reasons
• Seats are low foldable steel camping chairs bolted to the floor
• Pedal mounts are custom steel welded tube with cartridge bottom bracket bearings and idlers mounted below on runners for chain tension
• The gears between the two rear seats have 21 ratios and are controlled by the center control bar between front two seats
• Wheels are new heavyduty steel pit-bike wheels with Michelin tyres
• The suspension is entirely custom trailing arm design using Honda CBR 125 shocks with adjustable toe and camber front and rear
• Steering is pretty normal rack and pinion with a tight turning circle, the wheel is mounted high for leg clearance
• Brake are hydraulic pit-bike parts on each wheel, two large bore brake levers provide front and rear braking on the centre control bar
• Electric control panel dash for: all lights which are now LEDs, electric windows(!!!), and horn
• Cycle computer included

So that’s about it. As a side note yes I did make a crack on the bottom right of the windscreen I am really really sorry, but it’s too small for me to fix, Corsa parts are cheap if you want to fix it. The BikeCar is currently being stored in a barn in Henfield, I can arrange viewings (serious viewings only) and I can trailer it to anywhere within reasonable distance for you. Call me with any questions either on the ebay or call or message at 07759430674.

Photo: @scarlaton1
Photo: @scarlaton1
Photo: @scarlaton1
Photo: @scarlaton1

You can bid for the bike here:



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