The name of this website comes from a story documented in David Walsh’s book about Sean Kelly.

In the book Kelly, Walsh tells the story of how the Irishman was waiting with his wife, Linda, at the finish of Amstel Gold for Stephen Roche to return from doping control.

The two riders were travelling back together to Paris. While they waited, Linda sat on the bonnet of her husband’s Citroen. Walsh recounted in the book “As she moved away from the car, she left a mark where her hand had rested. Fastidious in the extreme, Kelly wiped away the mark. Never said a word, just cleaned the area which had been stained. Mildly annoyed Linda complained that Sean’s priorities were first his car, then his bike and finally his wife. Kelly heard the accusation, turned and with a look of deadly seriousness told his wife that she had got the order wrong: ‘The bike comes first’. What could the chastened lady say?”

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