The Cine Pedal Brasil festival took place in Rio de Janeiro over the weekend and it included free, outdoor screenings of films whose projection was powered by human energy harnessed through the pedalling of bikes.

The purpose of the idea was to promote alternative forms of energy and the need to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The screenings took place in Parque dos Patins in Lagoa and during the event, participants needed to generate 1300 watts to power the projection of the films that will be screened according to the organisers.

To create the energy there were ten stationary bikes and ten bases where participants can place their own bikes plus another machine adapted for children, the elderly and less-abled participants.

The two films that were screened were “Bikes vs Cars” and “5 Times Chico-The São Francisco River and his People”.

It was the first time this technology had been used in Brazil and the cinema now plans to tour 10 cities across the country.


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