The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been taking place this week in Las Vegas and a particularly interesting bike was unveiled during the week.

The Orbitrec is a connected 3D printed bicycle by Cerevo which features 3D printed titanium joints, carbon fibre tubes and a built-in sensor module that sends a variety of information to a smartphone.

Cerevo measure prospective customers to develop a bespoke fit and each frame is 3D-printed based on these preferences with production completed in under a month.

During the 3D-printing process, Cerevo builds various sensors into the frames which enable the sending and receiving of information while riding.

The built-in sensors can detect and record your location, environment and bike orientation while you’re riding. The recorded data is analysed in the cloud to improve your riding by looking back at the visualised data, and it also brings a safe and comfortable cycling experience by giving feedback on dangerous locations and the traffic situation.

When approaching a danger zone, it notifies you by sound and LED. If you crash, it will be able to automatically send an SMS to a friend.

The bike has been designed by Satoshi Yanagisawa who graduated University for the Creative Arts in the UK. The Tokyo-born designer also works as a sustainable design consultant for a several national and international companies and has opened his own design studio ‘Triple Bottom Line’ in Japan.



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