This footage of a crash at the recent women’s race at the Red Hook Crit Milano shows the value of wearing a helmet

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Ivano Giovanolla and shows what looks like a touch of wheels between two team mates.

Whilst the first rider carries on, the second woman crashes hard, banging her helmet off the ground. She just misses the foot of a barrier and a kerb.

Although she seems somewhat dazed after the crash, the impact would have been considerably worse except for the fact that she was wearing the helmet.


  1. “the impact would have been considerably worse” is a statement of fact that you simply can’t make based on this clip. Substitute the word “would” for “may” and it’s a valid sentence. However, there are so many variables you have no measure of, there’s no way you can state anything as a fact.

    • Are you for real. Nitpicking on a topic like this…
      Check out how her head strikes the ground. The helmet absorbed the majority of the force from the crash. If that force had gone directly into her skull well the fact is she would have been seriously hurt.


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