A cyclist in Perth, Western Australia has uploaded some shocking footage showing the moment when he was confronted by a knife-wielding motorist.

The video shows a driver of a 4WD vehicle crossing a double white line before attempting to get through a roundabout ahead of the cyclist. The cyclist narrowly avoids being knocked to the ground before shouting “what the f— are you doing.”

The motorist then speeds past the cyclist before pulling in, then leaping out and threatening him with a large knife.

“You f**king dickhead, you f**king touched my car. You pull out. You’re a f**king idiot. I could charge you for that you piece of s–t.” the driver can be heard shouting at the cyclist.

The cyclist who has cameras attached to both his helmet and bike drops his bike and backs away from the enraged driver. The driver initially advances on the cyclist before getting back in his vehicle and driving off.

The incident took place on a quiet Warnbro road in Perth’s southern suburbs. The cyclist handed the footage into police the following day according to Nine News Perth. He was charged with carrying a weapon in public for brandishing the knife, but avoided a jail term and was instead handed a $1500 fine.

Text at the beginning of the video reads: “This particular day saw an unusual amount of ‘must get in front’ attempts at intersections and roundabouts,” text before the footage begins reads.

“I was able to fend off most with a strong position and if necessary a slight sudden movement further out. Drivers almost always get the message with that.

“Not this one though!

“If the MGIF attempt, that saw him on the wrong side of the road at double white solid lines and almost going OVER the roundabout wasn’t enough, what he did next I wasn’t prepared for.”


  1. Dunno , why did the cyclist swerve into the road when he saw the jeep coming , another one of these guys loaded with cameras claiming the road , saying that the driver should be locked up

    • You don’t ride a bike do you.. try looking over your right shoulder when riding, you will naturally Swerve in that direction. Anyway, the cyclist is entitled to the SAME road space as a car. Cyclists move out like this anyway to stop dickwads like this cutting them up. Are you saying the unbroken white line counts for nothing where cyclists are concerned.?

    • Ha. Good man gary. If I done that everyone I cycled I would be dead long ago and if I swerved like that every time I looked over my shoulder to check my blind spot I would have lost my license at the very least.

  2. Granted I live in the US but this is why I have my conceal carry permit and always carry my gun with me. Just in case I run into an idiot like this.

  3. What?? This driver is just insane!! What an idiot!! Why want he passes the cyclist just before the roundabout!? Stupid asshole! And this aggressivity…? Unfortunately, too many do not think for a second. Most of us are cyclists and driver… Share the road.

  4. Paddy Daly So… blame the victim: The driver’s trope. Like every driver that ever cut someone off deserves a shanking. Body for an eye, etc. How does does this help anyone?


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