Anybody watching the twelfth stage of the Tour de France to Mont Ventoux would undoubtedly have spotted one particular fan who ran alongside the riders for a time and could potentially have caused another incident involving one of the race motorbikes.

Krzysztof Kubik from Poland was at the spot where Chris Froome, Richie Porte and Bauke Mollema collided with a motorbike and he could then be seen running in front of the TV camera motorbike with a Polish flag and waving a poster in front of the camera.

Kubik has since apologised for his behaviour, saying that he acted “like a fool” and his cycling club have also distanced themselves from him. The poster that he was waving in front of the camera had the name of his club on one side.

He sent a letter to the website apologising for his actions. In his letter, he said: “I ran in front of the camera like a fool. I acted not as a cyclist and cycling fan but as a person who just wanted to show off. I should help Froome and Porte and not run around like a fool with a flag. This was not good and I regret that.”

“It was the first time I was at the Tour de France and I was very glad that I would be able to cheer our athletes. I got caught up in the emotions of the moment. I accept criticism. In one moment I acted just plain wrong. I’ll take it on the chest all the consequences associated with it.”

A spokesperson for the cycling club OTR Interkol of which he Kubik is a member also distanced themselves from his actions. The statement from the club is as follows:

“Dear fans of cycling. We regret today seeing the behaviour of our colleague in the final kilometres of the stage of the Tour de France. This has always annoyed us during television coverage and this behaviour by one of the members of OTR Interkol has nothing to do with the spirit of the sport.”

“We are sorry to hear it and read comments from different sources criticising other entities related to the above person. Please remember that he is an adult, making his own decisions and that person only is responsible for the consequences. In no event should other members of our group, residents of the city in which he lives, or worst of all Polish fans be blamed for this.”

“Best regards to all real fans of cycling, the board OTR Interkol.”


    • Yes entertainment but safety of the riders is paramount. Have you tried cycling up those mountains? The effort it takes to turn the pedals let alone trying to avoid fools who think it’s just their entertainment and they can do whatever they want!

      • Yes its entertainment, but guys like this also risk ruining the careers of the entertainers, thats not cool and never will be.

      • EntertInment yes, but the actions of guys like this could end the careers of some of those entertainers, & thats not ok and never will be.

  1. At least he apologised. I don’t hear those who booed Chris Froome when he was presented with the yellow jersey after the stage apologising. Their behaviour was appalling.

  2. And by his apology, he continues to seek attention. Just go back into the hole you crawled out of and die. The world will be better without you.

    PS glad the site’s selfish and greedy adblock overlay was so pathetically easy to get past. FU TBCF!

  3. I think the fact he’s stood up and taken responsability for his actions is admirable, at a time when those that rule us governments, institutions, and religions don’t.

  4. I’m not a violent chap, but I for one, would not apologises whilst I was kicking this twats head from his shoulders.
    Oh.. Ok. He’s said “sorry”
    What a nice young man!


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