Is this the future?

Set to be released in China by the end of the year, the Dubike is a pedal powered bicycle equipped with regenerative electric technology and full of smart fitness technology. It has heart rate, pedal rate, peddle pressure and other sensors which which connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The power for the electronics comes from a...

Inside the derny race with Jasper de Buyst

This short video of Jasper de Buyst in the Ghent Six-Day really shows the shortness of the track, the speed and the effort required each lap. Have a look.

Kelly and Roche triumphant in the 1985 Nissan Classic

On the 25th of September 1985, the first stage of the inaugural Nissan Classic started outside Trinity College Dublin. The race would be a success from the off and would run for eight editions, giving the Irish public the opportunity to see many of the biggest names in the sport compete on their home roads. The men behind the race...

Inside the mind of Sven Nys

Sven Nys gave an interview after the recent Cross Vegas and gives a great insight into his training regime and also his psychological  mindset when it comes to his training and racing.  At 38 years of age he certainly doesn't seem to be showing any signs giving up just yet after taking the win in Cross Vegas with a four second...

Lunchtime laughs – 2014 biggest bike fails

We're not sure which is more dangerous. The guys on the mountain bikes on the homemade jumps or the bmxer's trying to grind the rails. Both seem to have equal amounts of injuries. Also check out the very final clip in this video. It looks like the guy forgot to pack his wingsuit for this...

The Handmade Cyclist releases great new prints

The Handmade Cyclist has released three new prints and we think they're great. They represent a particular iconic race, described below. They're available from this site: MERCKX ‘69 On the 15th July, 1969, Eddy Merckx scored perhaps his greatest triumph. Riding in his debut Tour de France, Merckx - already in yellow - attacked early. He rode for 140km alone through the...

O’Donnell speaks out about cyclist injuries

Liz O'Donnell, the new head of the Road Safety Authority, has warned drivers about being more aware of cyclists, as the number of injuries sustained by cyclists has seen a big jump. Writing in The Irish Independent, O'Donnell said, "A soon-to-be-published report by the Road Safety Authority will show that there has been a 59pc increase in injuries among cyclists....

People are awesome

Watch 8 times World Champion in Artistic cycling David Schnabel showing you some of the moves that has made him champ in this incredibly difficult discipline.

Note to bike thief – “Sorry but the bike you’ve had for the last two months is mine”

A musician in Cork has managed to recover his bike two months after it was stolen, as he still had the key for the lock. He decided to leave a note for the thief.

Orica Green Edge get hypnotised

While other teams have been getting up to various challenging adventures during the off-season, the Orica Green Edge team decided to get hypnotised. Sam Bewley, Luke Durbridge and Directeur Sportif Matt White were the main victims. Here's a video of what they got up to.

The Comedown Human Powered Rollercoaster in Glasgow

The Comedown Human Powered Rollercoaster in Glasgow “Scary the first time,” reports builder Stephen Murray. The artist, sculptor and cyclist behind The Comedown figure-eight track in Glasgow, Scotland just took the first ride on the track last month after months of planning, design and fabrication work. For more info go here. // Post by John Silvera.

Contador, Aru and Uran review the 2015 Giro d’Italia route

inCycle TV catch up with Alberto Contador, Fabio Aru and Rigoberto Uran at the presentation of the 2015 Giro d'Italia route.