Istvan Varjas, the man who developed hidden bike motors has spoken to Ger Gilroy on the Irish radio sports programme Off the Ball, where he confirmed that he has worked alongside an Italian company in developing the product and that he has also provided one of the motors to Michele Ferrari.

In 1998, Varjas sold a prototype of his motor but said that he wasn’t involved with cycling again until 2009. That year, he started developing products with an unnamed Italian company.

When asked as to whether he feels that riders are using his product in Grand Tours, Varjas outlines that he can see that something is being used. “When the cadence is a bit higher than the normal, it’s a bit strange. It’s not possible without a motor. I don’t know. Maybe. It depends. You just need to make a calculation in elevation, timing, and you can have your answer. Gravity is acting on everybody.”

Varjas also confirms that he knows the Italian doping doctor Michele Ferrari. “Yes. Michele Ferrari is a friend. He approached me ten years ago to understand the system, how to use it for training.”

Gilroy also asks him as to whether we can expect to hear a big story emerging soon about the use of motors and he says: “Very soon you will hear a big story I think. You will see, it’s a documentary.”

You can listen to the interview here:


  1. Oh dear still giving this idiot oxygen another attempt to flog his motors….if a large Italian brand was using motors do you think they would have the brains to buy one anomalously and engineer their own unit in secret and not just pop down to Halfords in a team car ffs

  2. Hey Gearoid O Suilleabhain you know the way that everyone was wondering about Paddy O’Reilly improved performance this year, I think the answer lies in this article! !

  3. Fucking cheaters…..if u don’t wanna train….ride a bike on your own power to scope where improvement is needed, your a lousy full and should hang it up all together… pain no gain…..I…LOVE…WHEN…MY………….BLOOD FEELS LIKE BATTERY ACID!!!!!!!!!!

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