NS Bikes have released a rather slick vid to promote their new enduro bike The Snabb.

“When we launch a new product, especially one that is so important – we always try to get some cool action shots and videos. We really wanted to feature our superstar rider, but there was one problem. Sam Pilgrim hates riding uphill! And what is enduro riding without the climbs? So we thought hard and long how to put him to work and came up with a plan – and it’s called La Grande Corsa – The Great Race! Watch Sam Pilgrim and Sławek Łukasik race head to head on the Snabb Enduro bikes.”

“The Snabb was designed with the aim to optimise the following traits: function, weight and reliability. Impressing the public with gimmicks, “patents” and “systems” was not on our list. So here it is – a simple and beautiful platform, light, strong and fast. Many elements of the frame, including the suspension characteristics are inspired by the Fuzz, our new DH frame that has already proven itself on the race tracks. We managed to build in a good amount of anti-squat into the horst-link design and at the same time achieved our desired suspension curves. The geometry is modern, low, long and slack. We took into account that NS Bikes customers are usually tough, aggressive riders and expect our products to hold up to seasons of abuse. But at the same time we made sure that everyone, including our team riders will be happy with the performance on race day.”

Check out the website for the bike here


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