Nicolas Roche (Team Sky) has confirmed that he is still awaiting results for tests he undertook recently to determine whether he contracted Legionnaire’s disease.

The Irish Road Race champion provided an update on his Facebook page where he said that he has undergone a number of extra tests to find out whether it is the severe form of pneumonia which he is suffering from, but said that the results “take time. 5-6 more days.”

Roche was forced off the bike after his participation in the Road Race at the Olympics in Rio due to illness and has undergone tests to try and determine exactly what the illness is. He said that if “Legionnaire’s desease is confirmed. It would also mean that I did not catch it in Rio but had in my system for a while. They say there is a minimum 10 day incubation. If this test is negative, then would mean that I had a pleuro pmeumonia, and more likely I did get it in Rio.”

He also confirmed that he has been back on the bike, saying that he has “been riding since Saturday now. Hope to race soon.”


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