Following on from an incident back in November where he was forced off the bike due to a spider bite, Nicolas Roche has once again been bitten by a spider.

The previous incident took place on the Gold Coast in Australia while the Team Sky rider was on honeymoon, resulting in him being forced off the bike for four days.

The latest incident came to light this morning as Roche tweeted the following message: “crazy story… Back in hospital for the next 3 days because of spider bite…A different one ☹”

Roche Spider

He subsequently posted a photo showing both the latest bite (on the right) and the bite from November.

Nicolas Roche Spider III

It’s unclear if this latest bite will affect his early season race programme.

Below is the photo that Roche posted following his previous bite in November.

Nicolas Roche Spider II


  1. If my memory is correct, the same thing happened to his Dad causing him to miss the Worlds in 84. Kelly was still able to ride because there wasn’t a spider hard enough to bite him!

  2. I had a spider bite me 8 miles from the finish line of a 50 mile road race in the North Carolina mountains in 2013. I’d rented a cabin the night before and left my kit out in the dark closet. Apparently a Brown Recluse (according to the MD I visited afterward) cozied up in my bibs for the night and stayed in there the next morning when I threw them on and got a free 42 mile ride over 5k feet of climbing. I was in the second group on the road of 6 riders just before the final little climb before the finish line when it felt like someone stabbed me on my inner-thigh. I began hitting my leg, cursing, and weaving my bike and I think the other riders must’ve thought I’d gone mad trying to motivate myself for the finish. I finished ok but it didn’t give me special super powers. #spidervelo. Heal up soon Nicolas!


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