A company in Christchruch, New Zealand is offering employees an incentive to cycle to work and to help move away from over reliance on cars.

Advertising agency Make Collective will give staff $5 a day if they cycle to and from work and if they cycle more than half their annual work days, the amount will double to $10 a day. The total sum will be paid out as a bonus at the end of year.

Make Collective’s Tim Chesney told Stuff that he hoped it would become a long-term habit “rather than just getting someone to bike to work once”.

“For a while I had been thinking it would be great to incentivise cycling in some way. I’m a really keen cyclist [and] cash is clearly the most obvious incentive,” he said.

“My gut instinct is that it could be something really good for the workplace. I know for myself I show up feeling a lot more energised, my blood is already flowing.”


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