A Norwegian tech start-up company Activetainment recently showcased its ebove B/01 bike, which is essentially an indoor mountain bike simulator, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,

It utilises features such as movable handlebars and a gyro wheel that effects bike balance, helping this indoor trainer to replicate a real MTB experience.

According to the Activetainment website, the bike automatically changes incline and decline to match the trail, has user-effected sideways tilt, and adjusts pedal resistance based on the visualized terrain and user-controlled gears and force input.

The virtual experience is further enhanced by a 14-inch touchscreen which displays 3D-animated visualisations of outdoor surroundings. The system also has “multi-player” functionality, so you could simulate rides with others if they also had one of these bikes.

There is no information yet on availability or pricing.


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