Quentin Willson is an English TV presenter, motoring journalist, and former car dealer, and is better known as a presenter of the motoring programmes Britain’s Worst Driver, Fifth Gear, and the original version of Top Gear. In a recent tweet he posted a photo of a new two lane cycle way with the title “Great new cycle lane but where are the cyclists?”

Thankfully fellow Twitter user Londonneur was in the same area and took a video of the section to show just why there were no cyclists in the photo above.


    • And how is his name spelt? It looks pretty correct to me when you compare it to his Twitter account: ‘Willson’.

  1. Cyclists are probably already at their destinations.

    Time for cyclists to start taking photos of empty road lanes with captions like “Where are all the cars?”

    There are always moments when the road is empty.

  2. He’s blocked or ignored anyone who’s genuinely pointed out his flawed tweet via video evidence or by reasoned tweets.
    Are a complete arse


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