A trailer has been released for a new feature length documentary which focuses on MAMILs (Middle Aged Men in Lycra). MAMIL narrated by Phil Liggett has been produced by two filmmakers based in Melbourne, Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe.

MAMIL features cyclists from all over the world including cities such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, London, Surrey, Nottingham, Bath, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Des Moines, Minneapolis and New York City and is described by the producers of the film as “an enjoyable and sometimes hilarious romp through the secret world of men and masculinity; that also explores the things that men are reluctant to talk about.”

The term MAMIL was coined by Michael Oliver in 2009, a marketing researcher from Mintel in the UK who had been talking to cycling manufacturers and retailers and they had all commented on the strong growth of the middle aged, male demographic. In 2014, the word MAMIL was included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

More details can be found on the documentary’s website – http://www.mamilfilm.co.uk/


  1. The Lycra myth! You don’t need to wear it to ride a bike. It’s pushed on you by bike shops because they can’t make enough margin on selling a bike.


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