There was a massive pile-up at the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn, New York yesterday evening when a motorbike stalled in front of the peloton of the Elite men’s race.

The motorbike stopped in the middle of the road, and although the first few riders managed to avoid the motorbike, others were not so lucky.

Numerous riders collided with the motorbike resulting in multiple injuries. Daniel McMahon (@cyclingreporter) later reported that “7 Red Hook Crit racers taken by ambulance to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

The series of races sees riders use fixed gears and the races are described as showcasing “athletes racing on brakeless track bikes around a short technical circuit.”

The incident took place at the start of the just after the riders had crossed the start line. Below is some onboard footage of the incident from Antoine Fabry.

Early reports say nobody was seriously hurt.

Fuck. #redhookcrit

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  1. I’ve seen some stupid ideas, but this ranks up with the dumbest. It’s a simple equation to carnage:
    Fixed-wheel track bikes + no banking + mad as hatters NY riders + technical crit = blood flows red on the roadway

    • Riders from all over the world participate in Red Hook Criterium events. And the carnage is due to a stalled motor bike not lack of awareness or skill for that course.

    • Yeah, stalled motorbike or crash. The result would be the same. I raced pro/1/2 crits for years on the east coast. However skilled the riders are, it still is just plain stupid having a technical crit on track bikes. What’s the point. New York crits (and city riders, especially) are exciting enough without adding unnecessary risks to the equation. But, I suppose, everyone on the start line knew the dangers… tough luck.


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