Marianne Vos (Rabobank Liv) was lucky to escape without any serious injuries after crashing in the sprint finish at Dwars door de Westhoek yesterday.

The Olympic Champion collided with the barriers in the finishing straight, but despite the heavy impact, her injuries were limited to bruises on the right side of her body, her hip, shoulder and elbow.

Vos crashed about fifty metres from the line when sprinting for the win.

“It was totally my fault,” she admitted afterwards. “I was in front, but noticed there was someone coming. I put some extra power, but then my rear wheel came up slightly on the cobblestones and I was launched into the barriers. My own fault because I was too far forward. The centre of gravity was too far in front.”

Vos was unsure as to whether she could have won, with victory going to Christine Majerus of Luxembourg instead.

“Christine Majerus was coming and had momentum, but I would have come close,” Vos said afterwards. “The team were very good in the race. Shame I can not finish it, but on the other hand, this also could have ended much worse. It is not too bad now. Tomorrow I’ll be stiff and sore, but I’ll get over it.”



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