Welsh rider Luke Rowe was disqualified from the Tour of Flanders today after riding on a bike path with 58 kilometres remaining. The incident happened as the bunch approached the Oude Kwaremont for the second time.

The Team Sky rider could be seen riding behind spectators for a short time but later explained that he was forced to do so after a flick in the bunch left him with a decision to either face crashing or go onto the bike path. He also outlined how disappointed he was with the decision.

Rowe explained on Twitter how the incident happened and that he was “absolutely gutted” with the decision. He said:

“What can I say, just absolutely gutted. I don’t know if the full footage was shown. But there was a big flick in the line and I was on the end of it. It was either crash or go on to the bike path. In a split-second decision I ended up on the bike path, braked and made my way back to the road when it was safe to do so. They told me on the radio and I pulled out straight away. After the shit fight against myself to back to this race I’m just gutted to exit this race like this. The commissaires made a decision which I can’t agree with but I gotta live with this, accept it and move on. In a nutshell I’m just gutted.”


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