A video titled ‘Cyclist hit by London Taxi’ was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by a user named Daz lin. The video shows the moment when a cyclist gets knocked over a by a left-turning taxi on the Edgware Road in North London.

The footage was captured by another cyclist earlier this year and it shows a cyclist ahead going past traffic on the left-hand side of the road. As he’s about to pass a taxi, it appears that the taxi indicates at the last moment that it’s going to turn left and hits the cyclist. Luckily enough, the cyclist seems to escape relatively unscathed from the collision.

Daz lin commented on the video “A scary moment on my morning commute. Nobody seemed hurt and both parties dealt with the situation … with a handshake. Cyclists and drivers look out for each other on the road.”

Whilst some commenters on YouTube suggested that the driver hadn’t look in his mirrors, others suggested the cyclist was at fault.

One commenter, Greg Bradd said: “This is why cyclists are a major problem on London roads now, they are completely ignorant to all other road users and let’s be honest here, if your stupid enough to cycle through London, especially in rush hour then it’s your own fault if you get run over! It’s not a clever idea!”

Another user, Jolly Righteous, commented “This is why cyclists shouldn’t undertake left turning vehicles…”


    • He wasn’t overtaking. He was cycling close to the curb passing mostly stationary traffic on the inside. Quite normal and legal. The driver “appears” to only indicate as he turned in which suggests that he did not look in his wing mirror as he would have seen at-least 3 cyclists. However, they all dealt with it like adults, shook hands and got on with their day.


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