Larry Warbasse (Aqua Blue Sport) has been forced out of the Vuelta a España with a fractured hand after a high speed crash on today’s seventh stage of the race.

Warbasse was in the peloton travelling at full speed in a line out. He said that there was an obstruction in the road and riders struck it at full speed.

There was nothing he could do to avoid a collision and he ended up on the deck. A number of other riders also fell. Warbasse was taken to hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. He has suffered a broken bone to the thumb of his right hand.

From the hospital the US Road Race Champion said: “I have a broken bone in my right thumb. I knew that it was gone as I tried to ride on my bike but it felt like my hand split in two when I put it on the handlebars. Then I got here to the hospital and I have been sitting waiting to my cast on my right hand. My left wrist started to swell up so I have had to go back and get an x-ray. I am waiting to hear what the deal is with that.

“My memory of the crash was that there was a mountain bike laying in the middle of the road. We were in a cross wind section in the gutter. We were full gas – I didn’t see the mountain bike until it was too late, until it was in front of me. Either I hit it or someone else hit it – I am not sure. I went flying – it was cheese grater pavement so I have lost a lot of skin. I just want to say a huge thank you to the people who have sent me their best wishes. It is such a shame to leave the Vuelta but hopefully I will heal fast. Best of luck to the rest of the Aqua Blue Sport boys for the rest of the race.”

Rick Delaney, Team Owner, said: “All of Aqua Blue Sport share in sending best wishes to Larry – this is a really upsetting incident for the team. Larry is such an integral part of what we do. I would appeal to fans to take care when on the race route so that similar incidents like this do not happen again.

“I would like to thank all the medical staff at the race and at the hospital who cared for our rider.”

Aqua Blue Sport medics believe that the injury will see Warbasse out of action for six to eight weeks. It is also expected that he will require surgery to properly repair the broken bone. This will be carried out in the coming days.



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