A press release was issued today by the Katusha team stating that their rider Joaquim Rodríguez was also going to attempt to break the World Hour record in 2015.

February 26th was stated as the date when the diminutive climber would join an ever growing list of riders trying to break the record. The rider is not known for his prowess in time trials, so it seemed strange that he would also join the likes of Rohan Dennis, Jack Bobridge and Alex Dowsett in making an attempt next year.

However, December 28th happens to be Holy Innocents’ Day and in Spain, Hispanic America, and the Philippines, it’s a day for pranks, similar to April Fool’s Day. Pranks (bromas) are also known as inocentadas and their victims are called inocentes. Media like newspapers, radio, and TV often give fake content or distort news as well.

Judging by various comments on social media, it seems that quite a few people fell for Katusha’s statement.