IrishCycleSport are looking to raise funds for their International Cycling Project, their initiative to offer Irish riders of all ages, male and female, the chance to experience racing on the continent together with the full support of accommodation, full race back-up and national team coaches as hosts.

Any funds raised will be used to help facilitate riders of all ages to attend races across the continent and enable them to gain the experience of racing at a higher level than they may be used to racing at home. From next year, the team will become Team IrishCycleSport International Racing fully affiliated with Cycling Ireland as a race team / club which will allow them to compete under the name they have worked to develop and grow.

IrishCycleSport International Cycling Project was founded by Adrian McLeavey who recognises the great experience that racing on the continent can provide to a young Irish rider.

You can find out more about the team and also donate to the fundraiser through the following link:

Below is the statement from Adrian about the project and fundraiser:

For the last 2 years, we have promoted supported and brought young riders male and female from all over Ireland to race across Europe most regularly Belgium France and Holland.

We offer opportunities to all, not just those who need to be good enough to meet certain selection criteria we offer it to those who think they are good enough.

If a rider is confident enough to take that step out of their comfort zone we are there to guide and support them.

We support categories Youth and Junior the most important age groups within the sport. Not only are we trying to increase opportunities but also trying to create riders who will transition well and with confidence into the senior ranks having already experienced the cut and thrust of international racing

Over the last 2 years riders have travelled under the IrishCycleSport International Cycling Project banner, we have organised, arranged, always travelled with and been there to support riders. However, on race day riders either rode for our partner team or in their own home club kit at which point the IrishCycleSport identity was lost. We want to change this for next year.

Photo: David Wade

From the 1st January 2019 we will become Team IrishCycleSport International Racing fully affiliated with Cycling Ireland as a race team / club which will allow us to compete under the name we have worked so hard to develop and grow to what it is today.

Anyone who is involved in international cycling will be aware of the costs associated travel accommodation food/nutrition etc etc. but like our young determined riders, management at IrishCycleSport will not let this stop us from stepping out of our comfort zone and providing the support needed to see our riders compete internationally.

Photo: David Wade

IrishCycleSport International Cycling Project are looking for your help. Please join us in our journey together with our existing sponsors and help support us, we can’t do it without you. Your donations no matter how small will help us continue to offer our promising young riders the International opportunities they deserve.

For those looking for larger scale Domestic and European exposure ,can you see you or your company brand being part of or associated with, the development of young Irish Cyclists with National and International exposure going forward into 2019 and beyond

If so then please contact us at where would be only too delighted to discuss further or indeed answer any questions or queries you may have.

Thank You

Team @IrishCycleSport


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