IrishCycleSport are looking to raise funds for their International Cycling Project, their initiative to offer Irish riders of all ages, male and female, the chance to experience racing on the continent together with the full support of accommodation, full race back-up and national team coaches as hosts.

They are aiming to raise €2,000 and any funds raised will be used to help facilitate riders of all ages to attend races across the continent and enable them to gain the experience of racing at a higher level than they may be used to racing at home.

Photo: David Wade

IrishCycleSport International Cycling Project was founded by Adrian McLeavey who recognises the great experience that racing on the continent can provide to a young Irish rider.

“We are not necessarily looking for the next Irish cycling sensation. This is about expanding the racing skillset and potential of a broader base of up-and-coming Irish cyclists and to collectively help to raise the bar of racing back home,” explains Adrian

“There is no doubt we have a wealth of talented riders of all ages currently racing in Ireland, who want and more importantly deserve a chance to perform on the bigger stage but could be restricted by not having any contacts or more importantly may be prohibited by the costs.”

Photo: David Wade

“Cycling over there is a lot more aggressive, a lot more tactical and a heck of a lot faster than racing back at home,” he explains. “Entering just one race in Belgium or anywhere on the Continent for that matter, is an instant eye-opener for young Irish cyclists. One taste and the fire is lit, and that’s what I am trying to do with IrishCycleSport.”

“I want to give these kids an experience to see racing through a different lens and to understand the level they have every potential to reach, if they’re just given the opportunity to think that way in the first place,” he says.

You can donate to the fund through the project’s fundraising page in the following link:


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