It was a tough day of racing for Maeve Gallagher, Lara Gillespie and Lucy O’Donnell at the Junior Women’s UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire.

All three riders were involved in crashes which ultimately ended their hopes of a medal. Maeve and Lara rounded the final corner in the top 10 but a crash inside 500m to go meant they finished 25th and 39th respectively. Lucy put in a brave performance to finish 86th after being brought down at the 40 kilometre mark, an incident which Maeve was also involved in.

Commenting at the finish line Lucy said: “It was my first Road World Championships and I was really excited but so nervous I have to say.

“It was Okay at the start, it was a bit dodgy because it would be stopping and going, stopping and going but then it settled down a bit later on in the race. But then all of a sudden there was just breaking and they when down in front of me and I couldn’t do anything about it. There was a problem with my bike so I got the spare bike and managed to finish.”

“It was an amazing experience, I was really looking forward to it and I’m just so happy to have finished. It was so cool coming into the town, I just wish I could be further up but hopefully next year.”

1 Megan Jastrab (United States Of America) 2:08:00
2 Julie De Wilde (Belgium)
3 Lieke Nooijen (Netherlands)
4 Aigul Gareeva (Russian Federation)
5 Elynor Backstedt (Great Britain)
6 Noemi Rüegg (Switzerland) 0:00:03
7 Kata Blanka Vas (Hungary)
8 Léa Curinier (France) 0:00:05
9 Silje Mathisen (Norway)
10 Magdeleine Vallieres Mill (Canada) 0:00:07
11 Camilla Alessio (Italy) 0:00:09
12 Anna Shackley (Great Britain)
13 Silke Smulders (Netherlands) 0:00:11
14 Mariia Miliaeva (Russian Federation) 0:00:14
15 Valeria Golayeva (Russian Federation)
16 Noëlle Buri (Switzerland)
17 Catalina Anais Soto Campos (Chile) 0:00:18
18 Dominika Wlodarczyk (Poland)
19 Sofia Collinelli (Italy)
20 Eluned King (Great Britain) 0:00:21
21 Lina Svarinska (Latvia)
22 Sofiia Shevchenko (Ukraine) 0:00:27
23 Matilde Vitillo (Italy) 0:00:30
24 Natalia Krzeslak (Poland) 0:00:33
25 Maeve Gallagher (Ireland)
26 Akvile Gedraitytė (Lithuania) 0:00:38
27 Iuliia Galimullina (Russian Federation)
28 Radka Paulechová (Slovakia) 0:00:43
29 Julia Borgström (Sweden) 0:01:07
30 Nina Berton (Luxembourg)
31 Ella Wyllie (New Zealand)
32 Ines Cantera Carrasco (Spain)
33 Amelia Sharpe (Great Britain)
34 Abi Smith (Great Britain)
35 Amaia Lartitegi Ormazabal (Spain) 0:01:12
36 Cedrine Kerbaol (France)
37 Alessia Patuelli (Italy) 0:01:17
38 Stella Nightingale (New Zealand)
39 lara Gillespie (Ireland) 0:01:18
40 Naia Amondarain Gaztañaga (Spain) 0:01:20
41 Gabrielle Lehnert (United States Of America)
42 Friederike Stern (Germany) 0:01:22
43 Kelsey Van Schoor (South Africa) 0:01:27
44 Shirin Van Anrooij (Netherlands)
45 Amandine Fouquenet (France)
46 Ysoline Corbineau (France)
47 Elise Marie Olsen (Norway)
48 Maria Bertelsen (Denmark)
49 Anna Iwamoto (Japan)
50 Ulyana Sukhorebrik (Kazakhstan) 0:01:33
51 Glorija Van Mechelen (Belgium)
52 Nika Jančič (Slovenia) 0:01:35
53 Lucy Mayrhofer (Germany)
54 Nikola Wielowska (Poland) 0:01:45
55 Mette Egtoft Jensen (Denmark) 0:01:47
56 Kristina Nenadovic (France) 0:01:54
57 Ana Ahačič (Slovenia) 0:02:00
58 Mille Troelsen (Denmark) 0:02:10
59 Nora Jenčušová (Slovakia)
60 Anna-Helene Zdun (Germany) 0:02:18
61 Diana Bukanova (Kazakhstan) 0:02:28
62 Annika Liehner (Switzerland) 0:02:36
63 Yareli Acevedo Mendoza (Mexico) 0:02:51
64 Wilma Olausson (Sweden) 0:03:05
65 Jade Lenaers (Belgium) 0:03:26
66 Veronika Jandová (Czech Republic) 0:04:04
67 Kristýna Burlová (Czech Republic)
68 Carolina Vargas Atehortua (Colombia) 0:04:06
69 Victoria Velasco Fuentes (Mexico)
70 Daniela Soler Espinosa (Colombia) 0:04:09
71 Anne Dorthe Ysland (Norway)
72 Karolina Stepien (Poland) 0:04:20
73 Ava Sykes (United States Of America) 0:04:43
74 Julia Leite Braga (Brazil) 0:04:52
75 Mélissa Rouiller (Switzerland) 0:05:06
76 Frances Janse van Rensburg (South Africa)
77 Dorka Jordán (Hungary) 0:06:14
78 Femke Gerritse (Netherlands) 0:07:11
79 Paula Leonhardt (Germany)
80 Ilse Pluimers (Netherlands)
81 Zoe Ta-perez (United States Of America)
82 Dina Scavone (Belgium)
83 Daniela Campos (Portugal) 0:13:21
84 Laury Milette (Canada) 0:13:26
85 Camille Primeau (Canada) 0:13:46
86 Lucy O’Donnell (Ireland)
87 Katia Elizabeth Martinez Miñarro (Mexico) 0:13:49
88 Simona Záhorcová (Slovakia) 0:13:52
89 Metka Mikuz (Slovenia) 0:14:06
90 Anastassiya Lynnik (Kazakhstan) 0:24:20
91 Tjaša Sušnik (Slovenia) 0:25:13
DNF Natalie Irene Midtsveen (Norway)
DNF Irati Puigdefabregas Ariz (Spain)
DNF Adele Desgagnes (Canada)
DSQ Katie Clouse (United States Of America)


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