(Warning contains strong language) This incident between a truck driver (Phil Foster) and an unknown cyclist occurred on the 23rd of October in the morning rush hour. According to the truck driver he was “sat at the lights, a van was in the right hand lane with his left indicator on to come into my lane. As the lights changed to green, the car pulled off and the van eased in my lane.”

Upon checking his drivers side mirror he saw a cyclist and “presumed he would be turning right as he was in the right hand lane.” As he continued on past the turn he noticed the cyclist “was at the rear of my trailer and obviously going straight on.” The driver then said he held his hand up in a shrug at the cyclist and the biker responded by shaking his head.

After that things escalated quickly with voices raised in a verbal exchange which ultimately ended up in a physical exchange. In the video the cyclist can be seen attempting to punch the driver several times before being subdued on the ground.

There are two versions of the video available below, a short version which shows just the physical altercation and a longer version which shows the time leading up to and after the incident which gives a much clearer context of what happened.




  1. Such trivial shit to be at first thing in the morning. My morning commute is blinkers on and discourse to a fucking minimum. Ruins the day for everyone.


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