Broadcasters George Hook and Matt Cooper clashed during the week on Ireland AM where they were appearing to discuss the announcement on the fixed charge notice system for cyclists.

Hook said that “he hates cyclists with a passion.” and he classed cyclists as “criminals.” The broadcaster regularly expresses his disgust for cyclists on his radio show.

“Well, I hate criminals and they [cyclists] break the law routinely. There is no sanction. They do what the hell they like. They’re a threat to themselves, they’re a threat to pedestrians — and ultimately they’re a threat to motorcars, as motorcars trying to avoid these lunatics will have an accident.”

However, Matt Cooper responded by calling Hook himself a criminal. Cooper, who is a keen cyclist himself, pointed out Hooks’ own traffic offences. He stated: “He (Hook) goes on about criminals, George, you’re the criminal. You’ve got a string of road traffic offence convictions. I found three last night when I was searching the internet over a short period of time. There was a Judge who said that you were close to being, what was the phrase that was used? A ‘serial traffic offender’ and you were in court a number of times for breaking the speed limit. Speed is the most dangerous thing on the road.”


  1. Drive the M50 at the speed limit and see how many people pass you speeding…….fucking hundreds. Motorists break the law routinely aswell just in different ways. The fact of the matter is that if people think they can get away with it they will do it, in a car or on a bike.


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