The Dutch city of Groningen is looking to achieve zero emission city logistics by 2025 and their solution to achieve this reduction in emissions is “de bakfiets”.

The word “bakfiets” (which means “box bike” in Dutch) is alternatively used to either describe cargo bikes in general or a Long John which is a freight bicycle with the cargo area in front of the rider and some linkage connecting the steering to the front wheel.

The below video from the organisers of the International Cargo Bike Festival 2019 states that bakfiets are “one of the greenest, zero-emissions solutions to supply our citizens and entrepreneurs.”

According to local politician Paul de Rook: “More than half of the trips in the city centre are by Groningen cyclists, a phenomenal number. We also see companies increasingly delivering packages and meals by bicycle. With supplies delivered by cargo-bike, we will become even more of an all-round bicycle city. We want to learn from other countries how we can take the next step. This makes us the perfect place to organise the International Cargo Bike Festival in 2019.”

The International Cargo Bike Festival 2019 takes place from the 14th to the 16th of June.


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