There was a great display of sportsmanship at a recent cyclo-cross race in Spain, where one of the riders gave up a chance of a podium place as he didn’t feel he deserved it.

Ismael Esteban was leading the race in Puente Viesgo in Cantabria but inside the final kilometre, he punctured and had to dismount. As he ran towards the finish line, he was overtaken by two other riders.

However, a third rider named Augustin Navarro, caught him inside the last few hundred metres and rode alongside him to the finish.

Navarro stayed behind Esteban to allow him to take third place. Navarrro said afterwards: “I do not think that Esteban deserved to miss out on the podium, he was ahead of me for the whole race.”


  1. The guy did what he felt was right.fair dues to him.If he hadn’t ,then I wouldn’t criticise him either cos that’s racing but I bet he slept well that night.a clear conscience is a valuable thing


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