The incident happened on an organised bike ride when the tractor travelling at speed overtook the riders into oncoming traffic. The oncoming car had to slow down to avoid a collision with the tractor. It was the trailer which came closest to the cyclist as the tractor driver swerved in to avoid the car coming towards him.


  1. I’m not standing up for any driver on a close pass but have experienced similar myself and on reflection I consider that it was just the speed differential that was awkward for the driver to judge.
    If the photo is true to the incident then his mate had dropped back to allow for a relatively slow vehicle to get by?
    Glad everyone’s ok?
    Maybe a sensible word with the driver and both parties could learn from the incident as i generally find farmers quite tolerant of cyclists?

  2. Slow moving farm machinery generally pull over periodically to allow built up traffic to get past. Cyclists should do the same when riding on narrow country roads particularly when in a peloton.

  3. As far as Im concerned, I don’t ride on the road. Too many idiots out there, and all it takes is one to run you over because they were texting, or simply not paying attention. Not to mention the drunk drivers. A drunk driver just hit and killed an off-dury police officer while he was out riding with his kid. Tragic.

  4. Passing with oncoming tragic. F#ukn idiot . Not the best practice first heavy vehicle pass. Cross the center line. The tractor could not with out endangering the oncoming vehicle. Most UK, AU, NZ, US drivers heads are wired wrong when it comes to giving 10 seconds to potentially enable life.


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