Yoann Offredo (Wanty-Groupe Gobert) has provided more details about the vicious assault he was subjected to on Monday afternoon. The French rider, who lives in the Paris region, was training with two companions when a motorist and his passenger attacked him.

“I was training with two colleagues in the Chevreuse valley when a car raged very close past us,” Offredo revealed. “Suddenly the driver braked with the intention of letting us crash.”

“I wanted to talk to the driver, but she was ready to get out of the car with a cutter blade. In a reflex I blocked the door of the car. Then the passenger got out of the car and picked up a baseball bat from the suitcase. With that he hit me and afterwards he headbutted me.”

“The police then intervened. A dossier was opened and a complaint filed. I suffer from pain on the nose, on a rib and suffer from several bruises. I still have to go to the hospital to let them determine the suffered damage.”

“I am particularly shocked. I have been in cycling for 15 years and I have never experienced such a thing. Verbal aggression often occurs, but most of them stop there.”

Offredo can continue his training with the intention of resuming competition as scheduled at the Four Days of Dunkirk which starts on the 9th of May, his team have confirmed.


  1. People with anger issues and an inability to courteously share the roads with all other road users should stick to public transport, relying on others, walking or perhaps they should even try cycling, they may understand the problems, hazards and our point of view if they did. A high percentage of cyclists are also motorists so we already have the benefit of seeing the roads from different perspectives.

  2. They need to be arrested and an example should be made of them. Imprison them for actual bodily harm. Revoke their licence

  3. .. another act of terrorism .. it is increasing apparent that the increasing acts of violence, destruction and death committed in the West is predominately committed by individuals who have a gripe with society which fuels a belief that they can retaliated for their perceived wrongs through violence ..


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