At the Tour de Normandie which takes place next week, a special jersey will be presented at stage starts and finishes to highlight the “Je Double, Je m’écarte” campaign.

Those behind the campaign want to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists and look for motorists to provide a gap of 1.5m when overtaking cyclists. In addition to the special jersey, a car which will precede the race has been painted in the same colours.

Former professional Thierry Gouvenou who is now Director of Racing at A.S.O. is helping to sponsor the campaign.

Gouvenou said on the race’s website ( “Today cycling is on the rise but on the other hand cyclists are increasingly involved in serious accidents. It’s a real paradox that we must try to curb.”

Gouvenou who rode the Tour de France seven times added: “Today it is not acceptable to go biking and wondering if we will return alive!”


  1. Clubs should consider having the 1.5 logo printed on the right side back pocket of their club jerseys. It would be there for all motorists to see every time they overtake the wearers.


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