Figures released today by VisitEngland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales, reveal for the first time the value of tourism spend generated by various leisure activities including cycling.

Figures show that cycling contributes more spend among international and domestic day and overnight tourists in the UK than golf, with cycling or mountain biking contributing £520m to the economy compared to golf which contributes £456m.

Long walks or hiking is the activity with the highest spend of £1.8bn with cycling in second place. The full list was as follows:

  • Long walks/hikes £1.8bn
  • Cycling or mountain biking contributes £520m
  • Golf £456m
  • Watersports £317m
  • Watching wildlife/bird watching £306m (domestic only)
  • Fishing £274m

James Berresford Chief Executive VisitEngland says: “This new research is welcome news; confirming the huge contribution that the variety of leisure activities in this country make to the economy. Trips motivated by activities such as walking and cycling generate a massive associated spend; as people are willing to travel around the country to take part in them and that is something businesses can tap into to drive growth; by offering new and exciting experiences”.


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