The US National Cyclocross Championships in Austin, Texas were cancelled today causing much disappointment for both competitors and fans.

The Parks and Recreation Department said that there had been significant levels of mud after an unusual amount of rain. Two inches of rain fell on the park on Saturday night, and it was decided that there was significant potential for damage to the park.

“None of us anticipated this weather, or this amount of rain over that long a time,” said Sarah Hensley of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department told “We have to protect our park, and particularly our trees. We have to keep them viable and protect them.”

After an inspection of the course at Zilker Park and discussions, USA Cycling officials and a representative of the Parks and Recreation Department arrived at a compromise whereby the races would take place on Monday instead.

There was massive disappointment after the news was announced. One elite rider, Adam Myerson, said “The cost of plane tickets, a week at a hotel, a mechanic, and time off from work, that’s literally thousands of dollars per person. Think of the Boulder Junior Cycling team, who brought thirty kids this weekend. Explain to a Belgian cyclocross fan that the US National Championships were cancelled due to rain. It makes us look like a laughing stock.”

Tomorrow will see modifications to the course and a compressed schedule for the races which start at noon.