As part of the Stayin’ Alive at 1.5 campaign, Wexford County Council have produced a video which helps to explain why it’s actually beneficial to the motorist when cyclists travel two abreast.

They have compared the time for a motorist overtaking a group of cyclists who are riding single file to a group riding two abreast.

The aim of the Stayin’ Alive campaign is to pursue the adoption of a law that requires motorists to give cyclists 1.5 metres clearance when passing from the rear.

This video is worth sharing with anybody who has ever complained to you about cyclists “being all over the road.”


    • Fine on a road that’s wide enough. What happens when you come up behind 2 cyclists, cycling 2 abreast and there’s no room to pass coz road too narrow…and the cyclists ignore the car, and continue 2 abreast.

  1. Should have things like this an TV adverts instead of stupid adverts I. e. moneysupermarket, may teach ALL road user something, also adverts on how to use roundabouts correctly would also be beneficial
    From a car a bike user


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