Éric Barone has set a new World speed record of 227.720 km/h for a mountain bike on a speed skiing track in Vars, France. Le Baron Rouge (The Red Baron) beat his previous record of 223.3 km/h which was established in 2015 on the same track.

56 year-old Barone has been working with his team on establishing the record for the past two years and his record attempt involved two runs on March 17 before the record breaking run the following day.

“Yesterday’s runs made it possible to make the final adjustments and to better understand and understand the track and the trajectory to be held,” Barone said afterwards.

“I kept my head upright, I wrapped up thoroughly … I said to myself “where my head will go, my bike will go” and I have not deviated my eye from the finish line. At such a speed I knew how to master my bike from beginning to end and to take the irregularities of the track without flinching.”

“I did not think I could reach this speed, I would have contented myself with a 224 km / h but this is incredible, I do not yet realize what has just happened and the performance I have just established.”

“I feel 20 years old when I go down this dizzy track at full speed and this feeling is indescribable! Without my team, the Vars station, my commitment and my experience I do not know if I could have achieved this feat this morning! I am very proud of all of you, thank you all for following me in this crazy adventure which ends in apotheosis.”



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