The Argentinean rider, Eduardo Sepulveda, was disqualified from the Tour de France today for hitching a lift in a car. Sepulveda, who rides for Bretagne-Séché-Environnement broke his chain, but his own team car had passed him by. He then got a lift from one of the Ag2R team cars for approximately 100 metres in order to get a replacement bike from his own team car.

The incident happened thirty kilometres from the finish, and Sepulveda said he had taken the lift because he had been unable to walk in his cleats.

He later sent a series of tweets, apologising for his mistake: “Disqualified from the Tour de France. After a mechanical problem, I made a stupid mistake to not lose the peloton. Apologies @EquipeBSE. And I hope this bad attitude during the race does not affect the good image of the AG2R team. It’s my fault.”

Prior to his disqualification, Sepulveda had been sitting in 19th place overall, and was in fourth place in the young rider’s competition.


  1. I would like to ride just one leg of the tour de france, sure I will not be getting the Yellow or Green jersey, but to say I actually rode and completed one leg is all I want. If he doesn’t need his bike I am more than willing to take it off his hands


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